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At Beholden, we  love creating beautiful spaces and places. 


Whether you’re in need of assistance bringing the overall design component of your event to life or just looking for a little help with day-of execution, we’ve got you covered! All of our design services are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet your individual needs. 


Our production services (AKA set-up and take-down) are ideal for the couple or event host who already has a complete vision for their wedding or event decor, but requires assistance with day-of execution. With this service, clients have the option to provide all of their own decor and customize the level of support needed.

Starting Investment: $500 + GST

*Pricing is for services only. Decor rentals are in addition. 



Designed to compliment an all-inclusive venue, this package combines the best of both worlds - production and design - and is ideal for the client in need of some assistance with the creative aspect of their wedding or event. With this level of service, we’ll help you refine and focus your vision into an actionable plan, work alongside you to select decor that compliments your aesthetic, and create your floor plan, layout, and installation instructions in coordination with your venue. On event day, our team will look after set-up and styling of all of your decor, ensuring your vision is brought to life! 

Starting Investment: $3500 + GST

*Pricing is for services only. Decor rentals are in addition. 



Designed for the client who wants to hand over all the creative aspects of their event, this highly customizable service is tailored to suit the vision, style, and vibe of your unique celebration. This level of service is ideal for clients with a ‘blank slate’ venue and is specifically designed with your wedding aesthetic in mind. After working together to curate the vision for your event, our team will handle every aspect of the design process, creating design renderings and customized signage, selecting decor, and coordinating logistics for seamless installation. On event day, we'll be on-site to execute set-up and take-down, ensuring you can enjoy every moment without having to worry about any of the details!

Starting Investment: $8000 + GST

*Pricing is for services only. Decor rentals are in addition. 




Looking to get more details on our service offerings? Go ahead and give us a shout via our contact page. Or, if you are ready to chat with someone on our team today, book a consultation.

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